Victor Osadci

Software Engineering Manager


Web site:

Professional Summary

  • Results-oriented, hands-on professional with 20 years’ experience.

  • Well organised, highly motivated, and detail-oriented problem solver.

  • Ability to direct software projects through development stages.

  • Effective communicator, goal oriented, with strong leadership capabilities.

Key Skills include:

  • Known languages: Romanian (native), fluent English, basic Spanish and French;

  • Team management, organisational and estimation skills;

  • Ability to work in multi-cultural and distributed teams;

  • Proficient in all cycles of test life cycle from test planning to defect tracking and managing defect lifecycle;

  • Good knowledge of project stages and workflow, task and expectations management, agile methodologies;

  • Involvement in the Free and Open Source Software development;

  • QA assurance and regression testing, Selenium/WebDriver automation with Sauce Labs and Applitools, load and performance testing using Jmeter/Gatling, bug tracking solutions – Jira, Bugzilla, Trac, Launchpad;

  • Continuous Integration and Delivery; Jenkins, Bamboo;

  • Good knowledge of the GNU/Linux, OSX X, BSD, Solaris environments;

  • Web technologies: Web standards, browsers and User Agents compatibility, accessibility, the WWW Consortium (W3C) recommendations, User Interface Guidelines and user interaction, web for mobile, small screen, embedded and print, (X)HTML and CSS, XML;

  • Web applications internationalisation and localisation;

  • Templating Engines, Content Management Systems and Wikis; Code management and versioning – CVS, Subversion (SVN), GIT/GitHub, BZR, Mercurial;

  • Apache web server, Apache modules, performance and security tuning;

  • Databases, security and DB administration: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL;

  • Internet technologies and security, Web applications security, networking, local area network administration and security, server administration and backup policies, user management and Internet traffic monitoring;

  • Mail servers applications and protocols, SMTP, POP and IMAP secure access, spam filtering, virus scanning for incoming and outgoing email;

  • Data security and encryption, security and retaining policies;

  • Proxy administration and traffic monitoring, content filtering;

  • Connection monitoring and intrusion detection, log analysis;

  • Java, Groovy, Shell scripting (sh/bash), Perl,Python, m4, Server Side Include, PHP;

  • Web/Frontend: JavaScript/ECMA Script, TypeScript, Angular;

  • Graphics design: The GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP), Adobe Photoshop, PovRay, Inkscape and various vector graphics packages;

  • Experience in writing technical and user documentation;

Work History

  • Director of Engineering at InfinityLabz Moldova - January 2020 - Current

    • Set the direction for the existing products and recover underperforming products.

    • Built a team to deliver on the set goals.

    • Implement processes to support the engineering and business needs.

    • Implement Agile practices; Continuous Integration and delivery; Monitoring.

  • Automation Lead / Member of the management team at Extole Moldova - 2016 - 2019;

    • Part of the effort to rapidly grow the team

    • Implemented fully automated testing and production monitoring.

  • Quality Engineer / Automation Lead at Adobe Systems Moldova / Digital Marketing BU - 2009 - 2016;

    • Promote the move to automated testing and grow an automation team.

    • Train team members across multiple locations.

  • Deputy Project Manager at iKompagniet Denmark, Moldova operations;

  • Software Analyst at Xerox Moldova;

  • Web and System Administrator at the Moldovan Research and Development Association;

  • Freelance Web Developer

  • Web and System Administrator the British Embassy Chişinău. Training provided by the E–Media Unit, FCO, London; administrative and management duties;

  • Development and maintenance of the Chişinău City Hall network infrastructure, web site and news management system;

  • Development of the e-learning project “Computer English”;

  • Networking and IT adviser at “Viorica Cosmetic” S.A., the largest cosmetics producer in Moldova;

Free Software Involvement

  • Contributed and maintained the documentation for the Epiphany web browser;

  • Contributed to the GNOME project (QA and usability) and the GNOME Documentation project;

  • Contributed to the Ubuntu Linux project - QA and usability;

  • Testing and bug reporting for the GNOME, Ubuntu and associated projects;

  • Contributed to the Oddmuse wiki and maintained the Romanian translation;

Studies and Trainings

  • Agile methodologies - organised by Adobe Romania;

  • Rapid Software Testing - James Bach - organised by Adobe Romania;

  • Software Estimation - organised by Adobe Romania;

  • Xerox and 3rd party solutions - organised by Xerox Romania;

  • CA products and solutions – organised by the CA Romania representative;

  • Juniper Networks products and technologies – organised by the Juniper Romania representative;

  • Content Management Systems (CMS) – organised by the E–Media Unit, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, London;

  • IT degree from the “Technical University of Moldova”, “Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics” faculty;